A Tactical Starship Simulation

Welcome to the completely unofficial and unauthorized fan page for Begin, still the best starship combat simulator available for the PC, over thirty years after its release.

Here's some handy links for you, while I actually work on getting some useful content in here:

The Starfleet Project : Official site of Tom Nelson's Begin 3
Ben Hallert's old Begin page : Lots of good info, mostly about Begin 2.
Facebook group : Yes, there are fans still out there (as well as Tom Nelson himself.)

Playing Begin On The Wrong Thing : Where no one has Begun before! (Usually with good reason!)
Play Begin 1.65 in your browser : Yesterday's technology... today!

Download Begin 3.0.1 : Go ahead. Do it.

OLDER VERSIONS (DOSBox or similar emulator required.)
Download Begin 2 : Look at those state-of-the-art graphics!
Download Begin 1.65 : The game I fell in love with when I was a teenager. (I'm old now.)

Wiki : The latest version of the wiki, still being rebuilt. Unfortunately the original was wiped.
Library : A handy wiki-fied version of the in-game computer library.