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What is Dharmawave?
What does "Dharma" mean?
Is this Buddhism?
Conscious Evolution
Bob's New Mustang
Parts of Speech
True Nature
Self Control
The Next Sunset
Wasting Time
Now Then
Straighten Up
Introduction to Mindfulness Practice
No Pain, No Gain
Random Notes
No Complaints
Email to a Perfect Gentleman
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New question: Is this Buddhism?


New method: Straighten Up.


New article: Conscious Evolution. With pictures!


As you can see, I've done a major rearrangement of the site, to bring a little more clarity to the situation, and allow visitors to get right down to it. There are three sections now. "Questions" deals with Q&A about the site, its purpose, and its goals. "Concepts" are articles describing the ideas which provide the foundation for the path we are interested in here, that being the path of liberation from suffering. "Methods" are articles describing techniques and practices one can use to tread this path, and realize its fruits. And the home page now is the jumping off point for all of that content. So, enjoy the new Dharmawave!

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