Effortless Now Is Bullshit
By: The Author of Effortless Now

It was a simpler time. Let's call it, 2007. At that point, this author had already spent two years engaged in a fervent spiritual search, having realized the existence of his own suffering and thus seeking to end it. It was at this time that he realized that he had finally come to the end of that search, seeing clearly the truth for the first time, a truth which he knew had the potential to relieve not only his own suffering, but the suffering of anyone who was fortunate enough to come into contact with that truth. He passionately set about to express this truth as simply, as concisely, and as memorably as possible. And then put it on a webpage. And that webpage was called Effortless Now.

A noble gesture, and heartfelt to the core. And in this author's, which is also that author's, opinion, he came awfully close. But as the saying goes, close only counts in horseshoes and nuclear weapons, and even coming so close to that seemingly elusive truth, he managed to whiff entirely.

For you see, Effortless Now is a big, steaming, 12-paged pile of bullshit. And I'm back now to set things right. We'll go chapter by chapter, so I can point out specifically why every single page is complete bullshit, and hopefully get this train back on the tracks.

Let's start now! Just click this green right-arrow down here, and we'll be on our way!