The Ben Parrish Memorial Website

"Funnier than a dead baby's toys!"

The Most Annoying Game of All Time

Super-Special Way-Important Notice!!!

Hello. Welcome to this website, which has been constructed in memoriam of myself.

Here shall be all sorts of exciting, interesting stuff for you to peruse, much of which has peripherally to do with me. But if you weren't interested in my peripherals, then you must have gotten here by accident. And all accidental visitors must go through customs first.

And now, onto the stuff...

"That's all there is?" you ask. Well, yes, I respond. Give it time. And check back often. Like, six or seven times a minute. That's how dynamic and exciting this place is. Believe me.

All contents of this page except for the parts that aren't, are copyright (c) 1999 by Ben Parrish. And don't you forget it.
Mail me, goddammit.