Welcome to Purple Guy / Green Guy, the comic which delves into the darkest, most frightening hidden depths of the human soul. Below, you are provided access to the full library of PG/GG comics. But beware, the person you will be once you have seen it may not be the same person you are now.

Enter at your own risk.

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Episode 1: The Eternal Loneliness of Being Together
Episode 2: The Shroud of Lies
Episode 3: In The Last Remaining Light Of The New Moon
Episode 4: A New Hope
Episode 5: Snooze Bar On The Alarm Clock Of The Soul
Episode 6: Death Throes Of A Doomed Planet
Episode 7: Riot Of The Self-Imprisoned
Episode 8: Bug Stain On The Windshield Of The Heart
Episode 9: The Ignorance of Bliss
Episode 10: Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream
Episode 11: Long Way Down (One Last Thing)
Episode 12: Love, And Other Urban Legends
Episode 13: Collect Call To The Penniless Prophet
Episode 14: The Emperor's Old Clothes

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